Saturday, December 31, 2011


Today is Edmund's party! For sure I took lots of photos. (I like taking photos with friends. It's like a memory to me) Here are some of photos taken at his party.

My BFF, Zhi Hoay and I. (Oh Ya! I just have a haircut. Bob Hair!)

The one who wore MU tee is Anne Li, we have planned to have a short hair together and here we go.

Yin Zheng got 8As in PMR. (expected) Congrats to her once again!

Hui Xin. My loving bitch ever! ♥

Xue Jin, a girl really work so hard to get the result she wants in her study.

Choon Yong. He is a mature boy that I ever know in the age of 15.

With Soon Ming AKA cowie~ :P

When my friends were playing so crazy at Edmund's house, I decided to come out for a walk. Sometimes, I just feel like I can't mix with them very well.. Zhi Hoay and Yin Zheng accompanied me. *Touched* We walked under the lamp-post. We saw our shadow. So, we decided to take the shadow pictures. I love shadow picture so much! It's like a kind of mystery to me.

Yin Zheng did the spider's shadow, I did the eagle's shadow and Zhi Hoay did the ostrich's shadow.

awww... love this picture so much.. ♥

Last but not least, the photo with the birthday boy, Edmund! Happy birthday to you! Hope you enjoy the day! :)


Friday, December 30, 2011


I got 5As in PMR. Damn sad.
Gotta work hard for my Form4 life!

Friday, December 16, 2011


BE the BEST, LIVE to the max! (BE.LIVE)
Hallo, I'm just backed from the 3days 2night Leo Camp held at Cameron Highlands. I learnt so much things in the camp. Especially the four words of youthfulness that Lion Roger said: Seeking Mind, Courage, Respectful, Appreciation.

Looked back this photo cant make me stop laughing! On the 2nd day of camping night, we got a fellowship night. My leader chose "Michael Jackson", "LMFAO" and "Titanic". So we decided to play a drama. I can't stop laughing because the boy with red colour shirt used newspaper to roll as his boobs. Almost all the leos saw him will keep laughing and some of them said he like Susan Boyle! Thank you him for making us laugh non stop. xD

and.. This leo. I still can remember that we became friend through teasing each other on the first day of camp steamboat dinner. He's the President of Leo Club SMJK Poi Lam. I thought he was just kidding to me because he just can't seem like a president. Sorry, no offend. Just.. he is so crazy with us.

SERIOUSLY, I'm missing them already.. Hope can meet them soon. :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Yesterday, I just finish watching Life in a Day and yes it is worth it to watch! On July 24th, 2010, thousands of people around the world uploaded videos of their day to YouTube to take part in Life in a Day, a historic cinematic experiment to create a documentary film about a single day on earth. The film is 94 minutes 57 seconds long and includes scenes selected from 4,500 hours of footage in 80,000 submissions from 192 nations.The film was produced by Scott Free Productions and the YouTube video sharing site. The completed film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2011 and the premiere was streamed live on YouTube. On October 31, 2011, YouTube announced that Life in a Day would be available for viewing on its website free of charge, and on DVD.

The video made me realised many things, such as I am so lucky compare to some of the children in the world. No need to worry about hunger. Appreciate it. Love the video so much!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


OH YEAH! My first guitar, Yamaha C40M! It costed my dad RM410.00! Thank you so much, daddy!
Back to home, I keep practicing the chords. Quite hard to me as a beginner. Hope one day I can play the guitar well like Taylor Swift.

Isn't she so gorgeous?

Then, I went to Youtube to search "how to play acoustic guitar songs for beginners" and click into it. I saw one of the Karmin's video: Look At Me Now at the featured videos there. With my curiosity, I clicked in and I watched finish the video. I just want to say, Karmin WOW-ed me! They are so cool couple!
P/s: I like girl rapper. xx

Friday, November 25, 2011


TODAY IS THE DAY! 11.00 a.m. My mum fetched me to Sitiawan Music to learn my first guitar lesson. I am quite nervous when I reached there. I dare not walk in to the room until my guitar teacher, Mr. Nicholas called me to come in.
Because of the reason I haven't buy the guitar, teacher borrowed his guitar for me to learn. Teacher did tell me that I can have long fingernails on my right hand while my left hand's fingernails all must be cut short for the convenient of pressing the string and the sound came out nicer if you use your fingernail to play the guitar.
Then teacher introduced me the body name of the guitar..

After introducing the name, teacher started to teach me so basic chord.
G--> Em--> C --> D7
It was so hard to me to find the chord at the first time. Luckily my teacher is so patient. He keep telling me to relax and play with it. Soon, it is better than before. Teacher asked me to practise more. Practise makes perfect! ;D
"Actually, if you ask the pro guitarist, they will tell you they know 200+ chord." Nicholas said. "OH MY GOSH! Now I only realise the hard way of learning guitar!"
Just hoping I will not stop learning guitar in the half way. xP

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Yea! People tell me Google is the best way to find out any answer as we want. So, I typed my question out.
Aahh.. I am just damn boring! Facebook, Twitter nothing news or notification that can make me excited.

Sometimes, I am jealous about my friends that they are working during this holidays. They can earn money, do not waste their holidays and gained experiences in the same time! It is just like one stone kills three birds!
In this boring school holidays, I have read Form4 literature and Novel Azfa Hanani. Quite interesting.

I got a Leo camp at 13th of Dec until 15th of Dec, held at Cameron Highlands. I'm hoping my dad will let me join the camp. It is a golden opportunity to mix with other states of Leos. I am longing for it!

Oh ya! Just found out my diary had not been touched since I seat for the PMR. Going to write now. See ya.

Looking forward on this Friday. ;)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today is my last day being a Form3 student. So my friends and I decided to take a lots of photos as we could for our last day as Form3 students.

On my left is my crazy friend, Cheryl while on my right is my laugh-non-stop teacher, Mr Pang. He teaches Biology at my school.

Edmund and I. We got the potential to be an actor and actress! ;D

The one who lied on my shoulder is Wei Qian AKA Stella. (Name of the character in our drama) Emphasize that HE IS NOT GAY.

The girl who I hugging with is Yun Ru, She is one of the famous girls in Form3. Many of our seniors will go to her class to confess their love to her frequently.

Yin Zheng, me, Anne Li. WE ARE ROCKER! (From left to right) Sad that Zhi Hoay didn't come to school to join us.

Jia Xin & Xue Jin. (From left to right) This picture was captured by me. Isn't it nice? =D

Last but not least, my lovely bitch and I. ♥

I enjoyed so much on my last day as Form3 student! After the school holidays, we are going to Form4. I've no idea which of my friends will go to Science stream or Arts stream. I hope that we still are friends no matter which class are we going to. Anyway, BEST OF LUCK for our PMR results! I hope that I can get a good result! *crossing fingers*

PEACE. xoxo ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today was my first time to bring my Leo members to Ipoh for attending Poi Lam High's 21 Anniversary. I was so worry about everything. Mercifully everything was just fine. *Relief*

As usual, we go to Ipoh by Roadway bus (custom of leo club of my school) and take taxi to the destination.
When I sat in to the taxi, I keep telling the taxi driver we want go to Poi Lam High School not SMJK Poi Lam. He said, "Adakah di Lahat sana? (Is it at Lahat there?)" "Yaya!" I was saying. Why I know it? Because I checked Google Map before the day. I was too scare to lost at Ipoh. I keep telling myself: It is my first time to bring Leos go Ipoh, I can't make any mistake.
Reached at Poi Lam High School save and sound. That time was raining heavily. Cold. Go to the school hall. It is so big compare to my school! Oh damn! Just like the opera house. We sat on the chair and viewed the performances.
After finish the performances, it was the photo session. First time, I am so brave to ask other school of Leos to take picture with us. *Felt proud of myself* I believe I can do it better in the next time.
1.00p.m. Finished. As we wanted to save money, we asked the taxi driver fetch five of us to Jusco. (Because of me want to watch the movie,"You Are The Apple Of My Eyes") The taxi driver said he can only fetch us to the main bus station and we need to take bus go to Jusco. Because in the law, taxi driver maximum can take 4 passengers in a time only and Jusco is located in the city. If we got there by taxi, all of us will being caught by police! So we just can crossing our fingers that police did not patrol in this time.
Reached at bus station without being caught by police. We saw backpacker and Xiang Yuen said, "After I graduate, I will be a backpacker too! I planned it long time already. I need to bring six people go with me." "Why" we asked.
"Well, you see..(TIPS FOR BACKPACKERS)

1 is for who know how to cook so that we will not be die because of starving.
2 is for who know how to taking picture so that we can have a sweet memory when I back from backpacking,
3 is for who know how to speak in many languages so that we have no trouble in anywhere,
4 is for who know how to write essay very well so that next time we can sell out our journal to public,
5 is for who has a lots of money, being a realistic person, money is important to us!
6 is for who know how to look at map so that we will not get lost easily."
"How about you then? What is your job, huh?" we asked again.
"I'm the one who take the responsibility to taste the food!*with a big smile face* " He said. LOL. He planned so well.
We reached Jusco after listening to Xiang Yuen's plan.
I was too excited and run to the cinema and told the ticket seller, "5 tickets for 'The Apple Of My Eyes', please." "18years old above only can watch." He scoffed at me.
Argh, I went from so far just because want to see this movie but sigh..

Never mind. I will find my way to watch this movie!

Thursday, June 02, 2011


Hmm.. Just watched Strangers, again on YouTube.

It's telling about every relationship will going through stages:-
Stage 1: Meeting.
Stage 2: The Chase.
Stage 3: The Honeymoon.
Stage 4: Comfortable.
Stage 5: Tolerance.
Stage 6: The Downhill.

Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can't avoid the inevitable.

So now appreciate your lover. Don't ever let you two go through Stage 6 and become strangers again. :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011






出乎预料的事情发生了......中午12时正,有好几位所谓的samseng要提早回家,我告诉他们先回班,再等30分钟就可以回家.他们不听,反而倒问我我的名字,班级和电话号码!“她名叫Queeny Ding,今年读在3J,电话号码是019......”欠打的李杨升竟然把我的名字和班级告诉让他们知道!幸好他没把我的电话号码告诉他们,不然他就要尝尝我的拳头了!



谢谢你们这些巡查员,不然我也不知当时该怎么办...... ♥ =)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


重 ♥ 开始。

中午12时30分,我和朋友去庆祝佳欣搬新家。听说她旧家是独立式洋房,在Ayer Tawar。现在搬新家了还是独立式洋房,还是在Ayer Tawar。(有钱人就是有钱人)那里是以自助餐招待客人的。



我们走进Tesco,天啊!怎么那么多人?“人山人海”这句成语适合派上用场了。我和哥哥一起逛Tesco,这时我想到Sydney在婴儿部做工。就拉着哥哥一起到婴儿部去看看是否能遇见Sydney。走着走着,我忽然问起哥哥:“她会不会值午班的?我觉得她90%没在那。” 哥哥说:“你的10%中了!”我看到她了,莫明的开心,我还向她挥了挥手。可是,我觉得她好像不认识我,我们只是在面子书上聊过天,她没见过我本人。好想去告诉她我是Queeny,可是哥说要去找爸妈了。只希望有缘能再和她相见。

找到了爸妈,他们说要去哥哥介绍的The Bar去。这时,我到Cheryl也在Tesco,我们见到面就啊:“啊~!”(好像几时年没见似的)旁人的目光全都转向我们这来看。哈哈,丢脸死了~可是这就是我们啊。我和Cheryl道别后,就向Marina Island去。到了那,爸妈才发现那间The Bar不能以刷卡支付就说走了。(奇怪的父母)


很高心认识到这位新朋友。Keith AKA Perv King.. 万岁~! =D