Wednesday, August 22, 2012

15th Leo Installation of SMJK Nan Hwa

Here come the day. The important to Leo Club of Nan Hwa new Leo members and the fiscal year of 2012/2013 Board of Directors. Being elected as the president in my Leo club is my pleasure and I'm proud to be! Yet, it's kinda stress to me. President.. President.. They trust me so that I only can be the president in the Leo club of Nan Hwa. Thanks for that! I will do my best to keep Leo Club of Nan Hwa well going. PROMISE!
Here some photos that I want to caption about. :) 
The one who tighted her hair up is Leo Jessica, Treasurer of the term12/13 and beside her is Leo Wong Xue Ly, Community Service Director.

The emcees of the day.
The Vice President is practicing the Leo Pledge with the others. 

Although the members and guest who attended this year installation is so less than we expected. but we still enjoyed with that. At least we know which Nan Hwa Leos got the Leo Spirit huh? :)

He. Leo Wong Choo Hong is the best vice president ever I see. Helped me a lots before the installation. 

 He is the outgoing president. 辛苦你了!

Thank you who has greeted Leo Club of Nan Hwa and attended our 15th Leo Installation.
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Nan Hwa...! ROAR! ROAR! ROAR!!! ^^