Saturday, February 16, 2013

During CNY...

Chinese New Year almost ends. Let me summarise things I done during this one week whole holidays since I've been quite a long time didn't update my blog.

Chinese New Year Eve. (除夕)
Backed to my primary school which is SJK(C) Pekan Gurney to have the reunion dinner with the relatives. Backed to my school, make me feel like I grow up a lot. At the same time time make me feel I'm kinda old! T^T I didn't actually listen what's the song sang by the singer (Just knowing they're all old Chinese song) I'm just enjoying looking around the hall: full of air-conditioners and the lights at the stage is much more standard than my secondary school's. Uhh-huh..
Nearly 11.59p.m I can heard all the sounds of fireworks and firecrackers. I'm so happy like eventually waited for so long the Chinese New Year is reached. 

First day of Chinese New Year. (初一)
Yeah! At the morning (around 11.30am woke up late at the holidays) I got my very first and second ang paos from my parents. The money inside still constant as usual. :P We have steamboat with grandparents at my house. I ate a lot! Damn it! Before that still planning to keep fit but.. when the food come to in front of you.. You just difficult to say NO to them. That's why make me failed in keeping fit. LOL
At night. I was applying the nail polish which bought by Anne Li at KL. Nice colour though.

Second Day of Chinese New Year. (初二)
The day hanging out with Anne Li, Zhi Hoay & Xiang Yuen. We payed visit to each other house and have a quite long chat together. Have lots fun in between. My mum likes Xiang Yuen coz of his biceps. Ahah! Forget to tell you all, Xiang Yuen got a nickname that's Biceps Lou (mean Mr Biceps in Cantonese)

Third Day of Chinese New Year. (初三)
Went to Xue Jin's house to celebrate CNY with brunch of friends. At first A few friends and I were singing karaoke at the karaoke room. After that, all sang until no voice only willing to came out to the living room. What a coincidence, Xue Jin was playing this movie, The Cabin in the Woods. I was the one who shouting the most of the time. I mean.. Blame the sounds effect of the movie. Quite nice the movie. Just feel pity to the people who died innocently. After that Zhi Hoay rode the motorcycle to fetch to a small food stall to enjoy our dinner. We were chatting while having our noodles. It was a great night. This was my first time to come out with friend and having dinner at the food stall. Doesn't have the branded restaurant and expensive food. Just wearing casual clothes and enjoying there. Lovely!
Reached home. Just remember today is Kelvin Chua's 17th birthday. Nothing can give him. So planned to draw a portrait of him as his birthday present. Sorry for not good in drawing. Ahah! 

Fourth Day of Chinese New Year. (初四)

Gambling at Hui Xin's house. Jun Kai taught me how to play 21 points (21点). After I won RM10.00 I stop playing that. Satisfied of the money I earned although it's not a lot. But.. If you ask me to play again.. I will still say: "I don't know how to play!" LOL
After finishing playing poker cards with friends. Hui Xin and I were camwhoring using Popbooth! I bet this is the photo application in Apple store she loves the most. Hahaaa!

With Amanda's parents

Fifth Day of Chinese New Year. (初五) AKA Valentine's Day
The day finally has come! Penang Leos ( Leo Club of Chung Ling High School, Leo Club of Convent Datuk Keramat school, Leo Club of SMJK Union & Leo Club of Penang Chinese Girls' High School) are coming to visit us!
Around 10.00a.m. Jane and I went to buy the kompiang and rice noodle which are the popular food of Sitiawan to them. Around 12.30p.m, Kenny called me and asked me from Penang to Sitiawan need use go through Pantai Remis or Teluk Intan. I was no idea about the road thingy. So I straight called Jane (which is the wrong idea) and she told me to use Teluk Intan. Without thinking any further, I told Kenny to use the road of Teluk Intan. Around 1.00pm. I was lying on my bed and wondering, aren't they supposed to use Pantai Remis that road?! I was so nervous and asked my dad for help!
Around 3.00p.m Kenny told me that they reached at Ayer Tawar already. Jane and I quickly go to the place which we met to gather while Xiang Yuen will meet us at Aeon shopping mall. They were like so happy that they finally reached Sitiawan which is just 157.4km from their town. It supposed to be 2 and half hour will reached.. But.. Well. Guided wrong way to them. Feel so sorry to them! All of them were showing their sleeping face to us after reached Aeon. Hahaha.. Sat nearly 7hour in the car, must be tired.
We had fun at Aeon walking around, while Dennis and Jane were at the Al-Ikhsan. Later, we brought them to Marina Bay at Lumut. Dennis and Jane finally holding hands. Valentine's day.. Aww.. Kinda romantic!
After that, I asked my dad to help me order the food at Bei King restaurant. Surprisingly, my dad ordered 8 dishes of food! They were saying the food are delicious then I only relief. Around 10pm. we took group photos, Jane and Dennis hugged and they were going back to Penang. It was a great day for us! :D
After that, Jane, Jamie and I backed to Aeon to buy some soft drinks and food to relax. It was a happy day!
Thanks to them for coming to Sitiawan and Jamie, Jane and Xiang Yuen for the helps. xoxo

Sixth Day of Chinese New Year. (初六)
Staying at home for the entire day. At night I was watching the Warm Bodies alone. It is a touching movie. The main actor of the Warm Bodies, R is kinda handsome too! Nahh.. Just saying..

2 more days to school reopen again! 
Uhh.. Holidays always make me feel like I'm not in the reality of life! Too relax! Oh waaaaaaaiiiiiiiit! I still got 300 more questions of the undang test haven't done yet! Still need to faster get my driving license! Grr.. 

Well, that's how my holidays gone! Uh-huh..