Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nan Hwa Leadership Camp 2012

Let me show you some photos that I took with my friends before I brief to you what've happened in the camp.

Took it in the bus when going to the camp.

After having our lunch.

Ahh.. Love this photo! Took it when we were using the lift.

 First night of the camp.

Second night of the camp.
First day of the camp, my friend and I went to the camp with excited feeling! We played at the bus as the bus driver is just a twenty-something-young-man. He's a friendly bus driver and kinda handsome huh? LOL
We reached at the hotel, The Virgo Resort which held at Teluk Batik. After registered, I used lift to go to my room. Just a few roommates that I can really talk with, Tammy and Jia Xin. So, here was my friends' plan: Secretly exchange room with my other roommates without telling any of the AJKs. Then, now my room was like six super crazy friends staying together. We played a lots at the first night. The weird thing is the AJKs checked all the room except ours! We thought we were safe.
Second day, we were playing treasure hunt game. This game make most of the members kinda fed up. I think my group got the worst "road-trip". It was like the first station of our game is at the resort, then second station is at the beach side, third station back to our resort, etc etc. We were exhausted after finishing that game. Night, was the Talent Show which will be performed by each group. I as the leader of my group was less communicate with my members until at the eleventh hour we only compromise of the idea of drama. I was little happy that my group got the first to perform! At least no need to wait for a long time and nervous at the down stage.
We got a big applause after finished the drama. Each of my group members were so relieved right now. The second group was performing on the stage after my group turn. 
and here came the problem. Out of the sudden, I got a serious stomachache! I quickly called out my bestfriend ever, Zhi Hoay to accompany me. She brought me back to her room and chit-chatting with me (actually she wanted to let me forget the ache.) After a hour, my stomach backed normal! I backed to the hall that the Talent Show was still continue. Zhi Hoay worried about me so she decided to by my side until I back to my own room. Ahh.. Last year at the school, I got this serious stomachache too! and she is STILL THE ONE who accompany me until the ache gone. Thank you, Zhi Hoay. I really scare what if without you by my side, what happen will I face.
Bed time. Going back to our own room. But it's not our bed-time yet. Zhi Hoay, Yin Zheng, Ping Yen and Xue Jin came to our room to have a girl-talks with us. I were so enjoyed this moment so much until the playful boys came to knock out room door. (I think got around 5-6 times!) It was annoyed to me! One of my friend told me that the boys were playing "Running Man"  at this resort. My reaction at that time was: I hope they will never get caught my the teachers and AJKs. So DO US. But well, without some minutes, they have been caught by the teachers and AJKs and being chased to their own room to sleep.
and here's the teachers and AJKs knocking our door. All the girls in our room were so scare and all immediately hide into the blanket and off the light. but still let the teachers caught it. My friends have to back to their own room so did others. Sorry to make them so awkward in the middle of night.
Third day- last day at the camp. At the reflection time, I was so brave for the first time to pouring out all my feeling to this camp. Seriously everything. Any satisfy or not. Until make teacher and the AJKs cried. Sorrie! ._. The dislike pasrt was, the boys! They didn't even dare to speak out their feeling. Why so chicken hearted?! and still got a lots want to write. but I still want to sleep. So, if you want to ask me anything you can ask it at the chat-box there or twitter me! :D
If the camp is 1-10. I will rate it as 5 then. 

Bye-bye NH leadership camp 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I've learnt a lot in this leadership camp.
I've cried two times in this camp! Really so touch! Really so worth it to join!

Playing self-capture in the lift.

My Sitiawan friends. Some of them had back home.
With the creator of  of this 蒲公英营。
With all the members and AJK.
Dandelion symbol of love that will never stop.


Saturday, June 09, 2012

39th Multiple District 308 Leo Forum Year 2012

Lazy to type all the things out!
Let me just show some pictures out and you will know how much I enjoyed the Leo forum!

Leo Kent Lee's mum has cooked a delicious tang yuan for us.
President of Leo Club of Sam Tet, Leo Kent Lee.

Leo Club of Sam Tet hosted us. Their president, Leo Kent Lee and his family members are so nice! His mother treated each of us a bowl of tang yuan! Yum yumm! Some more Leo Kent Lee still treated us dinner at Old Town! Thank you!!!
Lastly, the unexpected friend I had met when the time we're going to Aeon shopping!
Jun Sheng!! It's fate right?? :D

Going to Langkawi to attend forum with Ipoh Leos.

First day of Leo forum. Theme. We chose. RETRO.

Second day, Sub-District 308-B2. Award Presentation.

Leo Scott Chong.
                         and Leo Mariane Khoo got Merit Secretary but I can't upload the picture.
Leo Yeoh Pei Teng
Here is our Nan Hwa Leo Club President, Leo Scott Chong!

Dinner. The Banquet Night-- Starring Starring Night.
The boys.
Both of them are so cute! One is the tallest and one is the shortest. :P
Pretty girl, Ping Yen.

The Nan Hwa Leos GANG~!

Last day.

Know them before the ending of ceremony. 
He's like my big brother, a friend, a good listener. :)

Backed to Ipoh around 12a.m. and stay at Grand View Hotel.
HUNGRYYY. Went to nearby KFC restaurant to have supper!

Iron Man huh?
Back to hotel around 3a.m
Kai Yuan still chit-chatting with my friend IN THE MIDDLE OF NIGHT! :PP

Back to Sitiawan!
Took some pictures with MY LOVELY FRIENDS first. :D

Bye-bye forum! Let's meet at next year!


All credit from Scott. :)