Thursday, January 03, 2013

First day of being a Form5 girl

Before 7.00a.m. I've already reached school. Put my bag in my class, 5SB. In front of Zhi Hoay. Then ran to the school hall to get the attendance as a prefect.

After 7.15a.m. students went to the hall too. Principal was giving the speech. She told us we can't stay at the class when we recess. We all were like " SAY WHAT?!". It's quite unfair to the students who don't want to come out or need to do their homework at the class. I think no much students will obey it. (Including me). Then she found out the very "stylish" students and asked them to stand on the stage. Oh My God. Planned to spike my hair, luckily didnt do it after that. If not I will feel so ashamed standing on the stage and thousand pairs of eyes looking at you! *Phew*

Then all the form teacher was standing on the stage to tell us what class will they holding to. Miss Chek, 5SB. Woahhh! My form teacher is same like last year when I at 4SB! Miss Chek is a good teacher! Because the prefect got a short meeting after the assembly, so I came back to class little bit late than others. When I came to the class, every boys were shouting "lengzai" (means handsome boy) to me. Kinda happy actually. Ahah! Miss Chek introduce our every subjects teacher to us.

 Recess time! The bell of the recess changed so does the changing period bell. Hmm.. New year, everything in new huh? My sister, Ting Fang gave me her very first written novel, <<天生一对爱斗气>> to me. With her own signature on it! Heard from others that her novel in my town, Sitiawan's bookstore has already out of stock! She is same age with me, same school with me. She is writing novel while I'm just a nobody as the slave of homework. Uhh.. Feel so proud of her!! You all should go and grab it at any Popular shop in Malaysia! Support her!
有些事并不是偶然,而是必然(Some things are not accidental, but inevitable.) I love the quote in the book so much! I used less than 1hour to finish it!

At night, I was writing down my time table and some motivation quote on my notebook. I love notebook so much! xx 

No one is in control of your happiness, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.

17 years old. Form5. SPM. Goodluck!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Last Day of 2012

 Sorriieee friends! I've been a long time didn't update my blog. Thanks to Anne for reminding me that I still got a blog. LOL

Well, parents not at home today like usual. ( I mean when holidays ) and yes it's the time for me and my friends to hang out since we didnt talk for half a month! First we went to some boutique shops to find for Zhi Hoay's CNY clothes. Well she like a blue pants but hard to pair with shirt so she had to leave it. I can feel it she got little unhappy about it.

Oh ya! Forget to tell you all! I had a haircut again! Parents not really like about it because it too short for a girl. But my friends think I'm so brave have those courage to cut this short. and just few minutes ago, Nelson told me that this hairstyle not really suit me. He prefer my previous hairstyle. He said I looked cute with it.
Oh My God! Suddenly I think so too! but what to do I've cut my hair.. Uhh.. Never mind. Now I can only wish that I look better in Chinese New Year! Okay.. Continue back my hang out story. Oh ya! After that we went to eat the Blackball which recommended by my Leo Brother, Chen Wai. He used to be a worker at Ipoh Blackball shop. So I think why not have a try?

Blackball with them. 
With Zhi Hoay. We ordered different kind of Blackball.
Signature Blackball without cream.
Signature Blackball with cream.

Then Anne clamoured for going to Aeon to take big head stickers. And yes. Zhi Hoay's sister without any complain and fetched us to go Aeon. Reached there, I were super duper hungry! Because I didn't take
 my lunch yet. Zhi Hoay's sister recommended me to go Johnny's to have my lunch.

Yea.. We love to take photos! Ahaha.. We ordered the set of the menu. Everyone ordered spicy food except for me. I chose the BBQ chicken rice. I know right! As a Malaysian I don't know how to eat spicy food kinda failed huh?
Then we went to the photobooth where Anne happy to see it. It costed us RM12.00! LOL! The first time of us taking big head stickers were so FUN! It's like we were keep shouting because we were thinking our pose and it got the TIMER! Zhi Hoay's sister said she at outside the photobooth also can listen our shouting. Ahahaa! and finally.. 
Ta-Daaa! Our very first big head stickers!

Ahahaa! We all looked so kawaii-neh!

We gather at KFC planned to have countdown for the 2013 New Year. But ended up taking lots of SS'ing photos with everyone. Girls huh? Hehess..

Finally I same class with Zhi Hoay next year! 5SB! Yeah! Btw.. She same class with me.. I got no chance to be lazy! LOL!

Woots! It's Anne! She's getting prettier and prettier every year! *admire* Finally our friendship is backed like Form2. Hereby I'm wishing our friendship will not fade even though we're not at the same class! x

Ahh! Le bitch, Hui Xin! The one I can crazy with her anytime, anywhere! We are like so opposite man! Before that I keep my hair long, and her is short; now mine is short and she is keeping her hair long! We're the funny bitches. :P

Le best friends. Sadly, Zhi Hoay fetch her brother's fren back to home. If not the picture will be more perfect!

Happy New Year.
All the best to everyone! Stay strong!

13ring it on, challenges!