Monday, April 02, 2018

It’s April!

April has came!
That means I only left a month time to prepare for my final year law degree for semester 2!
However, I’m lazy af.
Wasted my whole Easter’s Break for doing nothing...

I hope myself can listen and do as what I say.

All the best to me! *throw me cloverleaves*

Friday, March 23, 2018

Chin Han's 24th Birthday & Story on How We Get Together

As you can see the title it's his birthday today.
You must be wondering who is Chin Han.
Since I didn't update my life for so long. Let me briefly introduce to you one of the most important people in my life -- my beloved boyfriend!

I get to know him through my friend's (Let's call her J) birthday celebration in last year March.
Surprisingly, he has the same birthday as J!
We secretly went out to buy a cake for him and gave him a surprise celebration. We sang the birthday songs (Yes. Malaysia is a multi-language country. So we sang different language of birthday songs to him).
After everything has been settled, we sat down and talked to each other. I talked with his friends too but somehow I got his humour. I cracked up when he told us some jokes. Well, the awkward moment I realised is just me laughing at his joke. I didn't think much about him at that time, just maybe we can be a good friend in the near future?
He left after giving the birthday present to J. So I thought maybe he likes her since he drove all the way from Ipoh to Alor Setar (it was having heavy traffic at that time) just to give her birthday present.
After he left, J opened her present from him and it's a mug! The other friend and I keep on teasing J to consider him to be her potential boyfriend.

For Chinese if a guy likes a girl and give her a glass or a mug, it means he wants to stay with her for a lifetime since the glass or mug in Chinese called “杯子” (bei zi) somehow same meaning as the words of a lifetime “一辈子” (yi bei zi).
FYI, I just googled the meaning again just now it can mean a lifetime of friend too. LOLLL. What a big misunderstanding!

From March to June. Chin Han and I didn't really talk since we don't have each other's contact number. Maybe if we have we still won't talk to each other? I remember J told that he didn't really like to reply message and he used to have quite a numbers of girls like him. He looks popular and I don't really like a popular guy. I don't think he has so much time to entertain me. That's why sometimes we saw each other check-in in Swarm, we will only greet each other and that's all.

And fast forward to around June. J and I attended our friend's graduation. J told me Chin Han is interested in me. I was a little bit happy when I heard it but was curious if he's interested in me why he didn't really come to talk to me. Maybe he's just kidding with J.
Chin Han and J were texting at that time, and he promised he will come to talk to me at somehow.
Then at night, he came to add me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram.
He spammed liking some of my pictures on Instagram I went to thanks him in Instagram pm. He said he will continue liking my pictures after he done his final. That's all again how is our conversation ended.

I started to wonder if he really interested in me or not...

Until the mid-July, that's how we started to really have some proper conversation.
J and I went to KL to visit some of our friends and Chin Han, of course, is included. We hung out for few days and he told J that he will pass by my city on his way home so he can fetch me back. I did not think too much since it's better to sit in a car than a bus to go home. We talked a lot on the way home. Without realisation, we reached my house.
I told him to text me when he arrived at his house but he called me to inform me! I was like, "Oh. Okay. That's great." and hung out the phone. From that night, we started texting until the fifth day. He confessed to me. Normally I will think about a lot of stuff as I'm going back the UK to study also. However, this time without any hesitation, I accepted him.
Perhaps, this is the feeling when you know he's 'the one'.

We still couldn't believe that we are together on the next day.
We will be texting and calling each other when we're free.
It's so warm. Ahh... That's how the feeling of first love and the first day of being together with someone you like.

Anyway, let's get to know each other more, being considerate of each other, communicate well with each other, of course, love each other more a bit day by day.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

I'm back! (Maybe?)

Was talking with Kai Xin about our blogs just now and I decided to refresh my blog for awhile.


Yea. After 3 years. I almost forgot I have a blog.

Should I come back to blog?

Is it too outdated? 


Monday, October 26, 2015

Thing I learnt in UK

I did not get chosen to become the committee member in the Malaysian Society..


Okay. Let's talk back to the yesterday interview. The interview is at one the library study room, the appointment time is 3.00p.m. I started finding the room from 2.45p.m. but I can't find it. I went to ask the librarian here. He brought me to the room. I saw the president, vice president and the Welfare Director waiting for me. And yes. I applied the for the position of the Welfare assistance director. So the interview started. The Welfare Director (let's call him A), asked me why I want to be in that position. Think about A.. Just make me feel so weak. I used to ask him to help me get someone he knows who's working in UK and he said he know there's someone can help. Since I need to get a guarantor for me to get the 3 instalments for my new accommodation. I gave him a due date. He saw and only replied to my message the day after the due date. The most annoying part is that he said he can't find it. SAY WHAAAAT?! So why not you told me at before it? The due date I gave him is like 1 week. Gosh. The so-called "Welfare Director". My dad now has to pay the whole accommodation fees without any instalment. I just feel so guilty. I have no one to help in Liverpool, I thought the "Welfare Director" will able to help me. The fact is NO. Sometimes you just better to rely on yourself.

I told him the reason I want to be in this position is to help people like me who came to Liverpool and felt helpless and I just thinking back how helpless I felt when I came to Liverpool. I thought A would help me too.. Then my tears fall without realising. The committee shocked. I was shocked too! Everything happened after that was so blur to me.


After I receiveing the email that staying I didn't get the position, I didn't really feel unhappy. I just feel like screw these kind of people. Too much shit things happened on me. You just don't have to give a damn to them.


Jane: Queeny, since when you become so sassy?


Monday, September 28, 2015

It's My Problem

I just.. Uhh.. I've no idea why I got no confidence in socialising with people ever since in college. I just became more passive.
I hope I can get back to the old me who don't care and think too much..

Friday, September 25, 2015

Second Day in Liverpool, UK

Yea yea. It's the second day I reached Liverpool. I just feel so helpless and lost since there is no other friends my college joining me. I can't my the WiFi signal in my room. When I got in to one of my friend's room in another hall. I connected his room WiFi. Martyn replied on my Whatsapp about how to activate a UK Sim-card. In case I can't understand it, he called me. I feel like crying after listening to his voice. My Malaysia's friends. I miss them. All of them, out of sudden! I keep telling myself I've to control myself. When I went back to my room, I just broke down and tears falling down..

After I calmed myself, I activated my Sim-card and on the data, I saw Zac finding me and we planned to meet each other in the campus. He helped me a lot. On the way to the Law School, we met Eugene. Yea. They talked to me. I feel so grateful to meet them.

Monday, September 21, 2015

First day in Liverpool, UK

Oh ya! I think there will be a lot of time for me to update my blog. Since the there is no WiFi in my hostel but only internet cable. Probably.. Oh not probably is definitely hard to communicate with my friends in Malaysia.
What? Why??

Since I have not update my blog during the past 1 year. I passed my A-Level Express Route with 2E. Yes. Just passed.

Then I continue my degree in BAC. I realised I wanted to leave my country so badly. The same old routine repeat every weekday: Woke up > have breakfast go to college> finished class > lunch > sleep> dinner> sleep. So I took the 1+2 programme.

I am procrastinator (now still the same). I even watch drama during the exam period. So yea, I got only 4B in law first year degree. Too bad I cannot meet the requirement in Cardiff University, my firm choice. I have to go for my insurance choice which is the University of Liverpool. At first, I am not sure about whether should I go for the second year in Liverpool or only go to there when I am in the third year. I called my dad, he told me if I wanted to go UK on this year, I can. I almost crying out because it costs my parents a lot of money since I have to study two years in UK. But I was so selfish and said I will go for two years then..

The day I was going to fly to UK. My friends came to send me off. I am so appreciate their effort coming all the way to say goodbye to me. Before I went in to the immigration gate, everyone just waving and saying goodbye to me. Damn! This is the time I almost cry! Yes, ALMOST. I went into the immigration hall, I felt so lonely.. No, I have to be strong and independent. So here come my 15 hours journey flight!

I was so thirsty after I reached the Manchester Airport and there was a big sister from China, (I would like to call her "da jie jie") she just being so sweet and kind for giving out her only water left in her bottle to me. Thank you so much!

Before we got in to the Liverpool bus to go to our own accommodation, I met Zac and Eugene who are also from BAC! Unfortunately they are going to study for their final year. We talk everything about BAC! Without realisation, the bus reached my accommodation. I was like wth. Mine is the off campus accommodation (30mins away from school campus) and everyone else is staying nearby the school campus.

I got in the accommodation hall and lucky to happen there was a daughter and her parents will going to the hall, they helped me to take my luggage (you have no idea how heavy are my luggage). Thanks for helping!

I met my new housemate. She's a nice girl. I talked to her for some time then I went out to Tesco to get some stuff in my room. Wow! There's WiFi in Tesco! Fabulous! Then I can't find the cloth hanger in Tesco. Then people the around there are all so willing to help me The worker there found out their cloth hanger is out of stock he even use google maps to find the place which sell cloth hanger for me! When I on the way back to my accommodation, there are people asking me where is the Tesco, then I showed them the way. I feel like I'm living here for quite sometimes. lol. When I went back, I saw other of my roommate. We have dinner and went for Bar for a drink.

Before we went to our house, we saw our seniors were all drunk. But most of them are studying for medicine! Damn.. This is why I'm impressed with the people here. They can study hard and play hard! Not like the Chinese.