Monday, March 25, 2013

Running Man Leo Camp 2013

22nd of March. Finished the last paper of monthly test! Packed all the stuffs! After BM tuition straight go to Aimst University, Sungai Petani to participate the Running Man Leo Camp! Yahoooooooooo!
8 Leos (including me) will be going to the camp.

At first, I was so worried that some people cannot mix well with others but then after stop at the R&R for while we're getting better. Everyone started to talk and make fun in the bus. PHEWWW!
Unfortunately..! I forgot to bring my Puma sport shoes down from the bus and the. bus. left when we reached at the Sg. Petani bus station!!! Well, I did not talk all the way from bus station to Aimst University. Somemore the shoes is belongs to my mum's. I called the people in charge of the bus but no one pick it up! Goshh! Feel like crying. But that's not a president of the Leo Club of Nan Hwa suppose to do when lost something. I should.. Calm down. and.. chill! Tomorrow I'm going to make the call again since it over the office hours already. Not a big deal. I believe it still in the bus. *crossing fingers*

We put our luggage in the hostel and having our dinner at the cafeteria in Aimst University. When we were ordering our food, Alex Wong Wong appeared in front of me! (He was our region 3&4 coordinator anyway) It's been like 5months we didn't meet each other! He is just too cool to be a teacher! (Having a ear piercing, fashion hairstyle and he know how to dance! He's a B-boy!) Okaayy.. I should stop giving the compliment to him. :P

After we done our dinner. We have a walk with Tze Cheng and Alex in Aimst. We sat down nearby the lake and seeing Tze Cheng with Choo Hong romantically talking to each other. Eww.. That's.. too bromance! LOL! Then we went to our hostel to have a good rest. Everyone was super tired. That's only HuiXin, ZiYi and I was applying the mask before sleeping. Huixin went into the room to sleep while ZiYi and I still continue to talk until around 3am. We slept on different sofa in the living room. The sofa is so nice to sleep on anyway! So we decided to sleep on the sofa for tomorrow night too! Ahah!

Day 2.
Having breakfast with the other 7 Leos together at cafeteria. Then we went to the hall to wait the othe Kedah Leos to reach. About 10a.m all the Leos arrived. We took our Running Man Camp tee and sit down to design our own name tag at one corner. It was fun! Especially seeing Choo Hong the only Leo who is '97. 

The mission is like this: at first we will be playing the solo game first that's finding the box number that the mission letter wanna us to be. Then we will going to the particular station and play the game with the committees. If we won, we will get the name of our teammates and gather the 5teammates together. In the same time, the traitor will acting innocently to tag down your name tag behind your tee. Since we do not know who is the traitor we must be super careful when walking! and RUN and saw the traitor. The team which is the first who gather the teammates and their name tag didn't been tear down by the traitor will be the winner.

Unfortunately, my team didn't get the first place. After done the exhausting running man game. We gathered back to the lecture hall. The committee announced the winner team and the president of the Leo Club of Aimst told us that we will going to have our Region 3&4 Leo Quiz test (First round) now. Jane, Choo Hong, Xue Jin and I in a group and we named our group as "KO '67" since we going to beat down by others clubs and there is '96 and '97 Leos in our team. While HuiXin, Jee Kuan, Zi Yi and Ming Heng named their group as " Just For Fun" since they just for fun to take the test. LOL

We were simply answer the test and after that we went back to bath because of the smell of the sweat! I just can't stand with it! At night, Tze Cheng announced the team which can enter the Round2 Leo Quiz. WHAT A SURPRISE, two teams from my club got the chance to enter the quiz for the 2nd round! I was so happy and shocked at the same time! Ahaha!

2nd round, question will be shown and we had to answer it on a piece of A4 paper at the exactly time they gave. Fortunately again we successfully enter the third round of Leo Quiz. There will be 10 main topics and 4 questions in each topic for the left four team to take turn to answer. Team who answer correctly the question will get 10points if answer wrongly need to minus 10points. Other team can answer too if they know and they will get 5 points if wrong will minus 3 points. Just want to say that, Leo Club of Nan Hwa turned out to be the champion and second runner up of the Regional 3&4 Leo Quiz. Damn happy! Grateful. We celebrated Woon Jinn's birthday after we finished the Leo Quiz.
Then, we went to celebrate the joy at the cafeteria. Awesome!

Third day AKA the last day of the camp.
Playing all the games competition at the sport areas and water games. It was so fun! After that we back to our hostel to pack our stuffs and put at the orientation hall. Well, it the end of the the camp. Pictures are better than words right? Let me show some of the photos before we left Aimst University.

Will miss everyone in the Running Man Leo Camp 2013. The committees done a great job to organize this camp! Roar! :D

Saturday, March 02, 2013

It's Zhi Hoay's Birthday!!!

Night 8.00p.m. I when to Zhi Hoay's house to celebrate her 17th birthday. She just invited few of her friends. I mean the friends who can really having a heart-to-heart-talk. They are Yin Zheng, Anne Li, Sock Chen and of course me! I'm so glad that we were having steamboat as dinner. Because I just backed from Sungai Petani by bus and that time it's raining plus the air conditional in the bus was super cold! Having steamboat after was a suitable meal! *Warm*

 The touched moment was  the Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs! I told Zhi Hoay that I haven't taste before the Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs. Then today! She asked her mother to cook for us! Lovely!


 I think it's the simplest and most enjoyable birthday dinner ever. Well not many people in this gathering yet we were happier. At least the food doesn't have too many people to take for it. We're having the dinner slowly without worry the food will be finished by others. Hehees! We had champagne after steamboat and siting as a circle and talked about everything! While Zhi Hoay's busying showing us her birthday presents happily.

After that, we sang Happy Birthday to our lovely girl, Zhi Hoay. She made three wishes. One of her wish is hoping everyone of us can live happily.

Around 11.00p.m. Yin Zheng's mother called her to go back home. We were like still have lots of things haven't talk finish! Ahah! Never mind never mind. Still have my birthday.
4 more days to go. :P

Zhi Hoay, the one who I know her more than 5 years! We knew each other since we were eight! Different primary school but same English tuition class. Siting together. Sooner we became friend. After Standard 6, I thought our relationship will going to fade. But well, God told me it never be. When we were form 2, we same class in the secondary school! We were siting together too! We enjoyed talking to each other. and after that time we became bestfriend.
The best part is we're having different styles of everything! She likes keeping her hair long while I like to have short haircut. I prefer outdoor activity and taking risks while she would prefer indoor activity and more in the traditional way.
I think what makes us stay together is the toleration between us. Right? :)
I'm so glad I found her! I wish we still can be so close after we going out from the town to study!
Happy 17th Birthday, Zhi Hoay once again! xoxo