Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why Me?

Why did it have to be me? What did I ever do? This question that plays a loop in my head like a broken record..

To look at me, you would think I'm confident and have good self-esteem, but really I am the complete opposite. I live in a small town and everyone knows everyone.

In my secondary school, grades meant everything; the higher your grades, for the teachers the more trustworthy you were. I was an in the top class student, everything was so wrong after the second year in my secondary school life. I couldn't believe I had suffered so much and this was all that was done.

Everything I done never get a good achievement.
From the top class to the now third class in the school. My used to be favourite teacher talked my bad at my back in the stuff room. The club which I leading can't even get the achievement I want. I was an assistant editor in my school magazine last year, supposedly I would be the editor this year. Who knows that I can't even be the BOD in the school magazine. There's no my name in the BOD list. Totally heart-broken at that time.

I have never been one to express my feelings. I am not one to do serious soul searching. I am 17 years old; I figured I would still have plenty of time to find myself.  But we all have to do things that we do not want to do. Tag I am it. Here goes. When I was in the Form 2, my parents were fighting more than normal. Of course, I thought it was my fault being a child. So I tried to fix it. but it didn't work. I couldn't even concentrate in my study. So, I gave up. Just hoping they will still staying together.


What I am certain about though, it really doesn't help that I blame God for all the unfortunate things in my life. So, as I am here, back in the bad luck, laying down on my queen-size bed with my Winnie the Pooh. I have nice sheets that are clean and comfy on it as well and I love to have blankets surrounding me to make it even feel more comfortable so I think tonight I'll get a better sleep.

Because I'm unstoppable!

Ahhh! Feel so relaxed after pouring my feeling in the blog.
Goodnight, world. 

Saturday, June 01, 2013

My Last Alpha Leo Journey

Before going to the 40th Multiple District 308 Leo Forum at Port Dickson. 4 other boys and me spent one day in Ipoh first. We shopped from Ipoh parade to Station 18! We enjoyed the 50% discount from Starbuck and even bought the same long sleeve shirt at Padini since it's having 50% discount too! Hahaa.. After that, we had dinner together at Sakae Sushi!
Photo as proof!
Then, we stayed at Nelson Chen's house, secretary of Leo Club of Sam Tet. He treated us so nice! Nelson and I even chatted at the dining room and I had my favourite Milo drinks before going to sleep. Jon, Nelson and I slept in one room. While Mac, Choo Hong and Vishveen slept in another room. Jon and I argue for don't want to sleep on the bed for almost half hour! LOL. Because that there's only two beds in Nelson's room. Eventually, I lost. I get to sleep on the bed and Jon slept on the floor. Thank you, Jon for your kindness! Hahahaa!

First day of 40th MD 308 Leo Forum.
It was around 5.00a.m in the morning, we prepared everything. Nelson's dad and Wan Xin's (President of Leo Club of SMJK Poi Lam) dad fetch us to go to Syuen Hotel, Ipoh. Every Ipoh Leos are arrived after marked our attendance we we separated into three buses depart to Port Dickson. Had a great "fight" with Choo Hong because he did not want to let me know his phone password! LOL. A 5hours road journey, finally we make it to Port Dickson unconsciously. We saw the Leo forum banner outside the resort.
Credit to the 40th MD 308 Leo Forum Facebook page.
Wow! There are so many Leos from whole Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia! Imagine all us going to the restroom to change our formal wear. Yea.. You can't imagine how packed was it. Then we all went to have our lunch after that we are going to have the opening ceremony at the hall. The banner parade. Every club president must to take their banner and walk around the hall as the opening ceremony. Know where am I? Below is the whole Leo Presidents from each club colleged into one photo. How cool is it!
Credit to the 40th MD 308 Leo Forum Facebook page.

Walking together with Leo Club of SMK La Salleh President, Bjorn Liow.
Then, we got to take our room key and got to know who is my roomates since I'm the only girl from my club so there is no chance for me to sleep with the Leos I know. Luckily, when I get into the room, I got a warm welcoming from the President of Taman Petaling, Katrina and of course Farisha, Maesha and Akhila! We even took photo together before going out to have our fellowship night!
We had the fellowship night which themed "Circus". My club Leos all dressed so cool! We had fun so much in the night!

Second day of Leo Forum.
Ahh.. Kinda disappointed of the awards that Leo Club of SMJK Nan Hwa got it this year.
- 100% Administrative Award
- Outstanding Leo Club
- Outstanding School Services
- Outstanding Membership Growth
- 4 Merit Directors
- 2 Outstanding Members
- Outstanding Vice President
- Outstanding Treasurer
- Outstanding Secretary
- Outstanding President
Uhhh.. My club suppose to get the Spotlight on Children award, Environmental award and Top Joint Leo Camp award! But I've no idea what's wrong is it! Every clubs which did the same projects with our clubs also got it! But why not my club?! I've asked District President and he said that it's District Chairman's last decision already. Okay. Fine.

At night, we had to queue up to take the food. The queue is suuuuuupeeeer loooong! Who would ever know that the Leo who is in front of me come to introduce himself to me. After knowing him, his parents' hometown are at Sitiawan where I'm living right now! This is such a fate! Thanks to long queue that make me know a new friend from KL! LOL. Lion Marcus who knows I'm not really happy about the award purposely having his dinner same table and my club. Thank you so much!

Selca with Lion Marcus!
Woon Jinn, the President of Leo Club of Keat Hwa. She's the one I closest with in my region.
It's the last day of Leo forum. Since I'm an outgoing president of this term 2012-2013. Photos as memories. Must take lots of them!
With Joel Lim, President of  Leo Club of SMK Subang Jaya.
With Adrian, President of Leo Club of St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh.
With YiNing, Secreatary of Leo Club of SMJK Poi Lam.
With the Jono and Jian Wei from Sunway Metro!
Jenny, the girl who I finally met with her after 1 year!
Jonathan Yow, 2nd Vice President at Leo Club Of SMK USJ 8.
With Yi Syuen, the good singer among Perak Leos!
With Amanda, the incoming president of SMJK Union High!
Ke Li, the girl who I become close when queuing up to take the room key! Fate!
With my awesome roommates! xx

Goodbye everyone! Wish we can meet again in the future! You all have brightened my life! I will not forget all of you! I miss all of you!

Yeah! Finally my term has to an end!
Now. It's the time to put all my concentration in study!
Gotta chase back what I left out. So that I can go to the college I want!
Credit to the 40th MD 308 Leo Forum Facebook page.