Sunday, March 25, 2012

Falling Under The Power

I'm a free-thinker but I don't think most of the religions are harmful. They have their rights to believe what they want to..

Last night I have attended the Wesley Church of the 2012 REVOLUTION and yes it was my first time to go to church. (when I move to Sitiawan)

Like other church, we sang the praising song of God. The pastor is a humorous person. I did laugh a lots when he told to us his story.

Then, the pastor asked us to come in front.

OUT OF A SUDDEN, I saw one of my friend falling down after been prayed by a pastor. This has been exciting and at the same time puzzling me! As I am a curious type of person, I moved forward to let the pastor to pray for me. The pastor put her hand on my forehead, and started to talk the language that I can't really understand. One of her assistant was holding me on my back. Scared me to fall down too. But after being prayed by the pastor, I didn't fall down like the other people. What is this mean for?

I've searched it on Google, it showed many different type of answers.


Friday, March 09, 2012

First Monthly Test Is Over!

Exam is over.
Have a break at Lumut. Felt so relief when I was just sitting alone at the side and the noise of eternal waves has always soothed me.

Our NanHwa Leo President was figuring the way to clean the water because our school not really encourage us, student near the water. Scare we drown in the sea. Uhh..

Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy 16th Birthday, Zhi Hoay!

Yesterday is one of my BFF's birthday and obviously her name is Zhi Hoay.
I’m not really good in singing. So, I’ve asked Jane to sing for me. Jane and I decided to make a cover of Happy Birthday song for her and post in on facebook. We finished the video on Wednesday around 11.00p.m. It's tired but it's worth it when saw her watching this.
Love her. xx

Check this out. :)

100 crazy things you should do before you die : #25 Make a crazy video to wish your friend happy birthday. CHECKED! ✓ :D