Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese New Year Is Going to End

It's going to the end of Chinese New Year and I've took some angpao from the elders. (Most of the angpao money is for my Leo Forum! )

Yes. This is the outfit on Wednesday. Helping my friend's mother preparing the food for BBQ night. Learnt a lots of cooking knowledge at there. :)

Love this outfit so much! This photo became my Facebook's profile picture and my phone wallpaper!

Pay visit to Jul Jin's house and saw Min Min at there. A-long-time-no-see buddy!

Good in study, communication, ridding motor (it's like 100km/hr!) etc etc. A skinny girl who make every girl envy about her weight! Yet, can't find her weakness! Love her! xx

One of my favourite picture! Love my expression so much! :P

♥ Jia Xin! Her I-Phone4 screen saver is our photo! Awww..

with them. ♥

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR ONCE AGAIN! Going to do my homeworks! Arghhh.. School reopen again. I dislike it when I still want to have more holidays but need to schooling already. I just feel like not enouuugh long. Okaay, should content what I had.

Do not let laziness kill me again! D:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's the DRAGON year! ROAR!

Now is the second day of Chinese New Year AKA "初二" in Chinese. Hmm.. feel kinda bored just staying at home waiting for people to pay us a new year call.
It's okay.. just because 9 more hours, I will go out with my friends to get some ang paoss(=earn money)!

That's all I will write for today. Waiting for my good news! Hehee..

hope my wishes in this dragon year can come true.. γƒ…

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Year, New Project, New Hope!

Leo club of Nan Hwa is having our first project in 2012! It called "New Year, New Project, New Hope!"

Chinese New Year is coming soon!
I bet you all sure will having soft drinks during Chinese New Year, but do all of you know that on top of the aluminium can that's a thing called "ring pull" can make prosthetic limbs?
Not everyone have both legs, they need our help. So I hope you all will collect it and bring them to us after Chinese New Year.

Your little action will change their destiny! ♥

-- B.O.D of Leo Club of Nan Hwa

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Form4 Is Not A Honeymoon Year!

Today, all the Form4 students gathered at the hall to find out what is their classes. The teacher started to call out the students' name of 4SE(Accounting class).
"Charis Loo.." When I heard this girl name I was shocked! She got the same PMR result with me! Plus, She wrote her 1st choice as pure Science class while accounting class is her second choice. OMGGG! Could I be the next person that called by the teacher? Heart-pumping! After called out some of the students' name. Then the teacher said, "Next class, 4SC." Phew! Now is the turn of pure Science class. No need to worry so much as I can enter pure Science class. "4SB.." "Queeny Ding.."
My name called out! Third class in the pure Science class.(Expected) But the thing surprise me is Hui Xin (My BFF)! She is not same class with me! D:

Walk to my new class, 4SB. Charis Loo changed from Accounting class to our class. Our form teacher (forget her name) ask us to nominate the people who can be monitor, assistant monitor and treasurer. Lee Wen wrote Charis's name on the white board, I wrote Edmund's name, Edmund's wrote my name (damn -,-), Yun Ru wrote Wei Ze's name, Wei Ze wrote Yun Ru's name. All the nominee asked to go out from the class. When teacher asked us to come back, I saw my name still on the white board! I became the assistant monitor, Charis is the monitor while Wei Ze is the treasurer. I sit with Yun Ru at the first row. (my ONLY closer friend who is in my class) But the way, I like my seat so much! I can see the words on the white board without wearing my spectacles on!

Recess time, I only know that 4SA became the best class among the pure Science class, 4SC is the second class, 4SB and 4SD became the students who got the weaker result in! GOSSSH! The principal changed the type of Form4 class! Actually it's suppose to me 4SA and 4SB is the weaker class, 4SC is the second and 4SD is the best. Meanwhile Form5 still follow the original class type. Just don't know why form4 pure Science classes need to change.
Almost all the teachers that came in to our class told us that Form4 is not a honeymoon for us. We still got one more year need to face the awful SPM!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Back to School!

As a committee member of prefect I reached at school around 6.50a.m. The sky still quite dark. Helped prefect to arrange the class in order. Saw the new Form3 student just know that I am not Form3 anymore, I AM A FORM4 STUDENT ALREADY!

xx skip the teachers giving speech xx

Our principal is a woman that has her own principal. She decided every of our assembly must dismiss at 8.10a.m. She rather finished at the exact time that she just set up than didn't give her speech to us. After finish the assembly of course is our spot check. OPPPPSSS! I just found out that I forgot to cut my fingernails! Damn it! If let the principal know her prefect didn't cut her fingernails sure will... Uhhh.. Can't imagine it!! Luckily, Madam Lee (discipline teacher) borrowed her nail-clippers to me. Thanks teacher!

After that is our Form4 students stay in the hall for whole day. Every of the Form4 subject teacher introduced the subject. Our school got pure Science class, Account class, Vocational class and etc. Bla bla bla.. Teachers were giving the foundation( or should I call it as introduce?) of the subjects, students like us just sitting on the chairs and having chit-chatting with our friends. Perhaps all of us know we want to in which class already. Teacher gave out form to let us fill in which class should we prefer to in. I wrote pure science class. Hope I can enter the science stream class because it just has only 4 class! and yes.. Kinda worry now, tomorrow I will know which class I will in.
God bless me.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 (It Ain't The End)


Today, is the first day of 2012. A NEW YEAR! A NEW START! A NEW BEGIN! So be bygone. I hope I can do it too! Yesterday, something just happened to me. I cried in my bedroom alone. Keep thinking the incidents.(Kinda sentimental huh)I phoned someone but the one never pick up the call. I gave up to phone or sms at that time. Sorry to the people who I did not reply your new year wishes in the midnight.

2011 seem like a tough year for me. Someone just came out from my life. Honestly, I still cannot adapt it. Uhh.. (BIG GIRL DON'T CRY)

Anyway, I just hope this 2012 year will be a better year for me. BEST OF LUCK, Queeny!