Monday, October 26, 2015

Thing I learnt in UK

I did not get chosen to become the committee member in the Malaysian Society..


Okay. Let's talk back to the yesterday interview. The interview is at one the library study room, the appointment time is 3.00p.m. I started finding the room from 2.45p.m. but I can't find it. I went to ask the librarian here. He brought me to the room. I saw the president, vice president and the Welfare Director waiting for me. And yes. I applied the for the position of the Welfare assistance director. So the interview started. The Welfare Director (let's call him A), asked me why I want to be in that position. Think about A.. Just make me feel so weak. I used to ask him to help me get someone he knows who's working in UK and he said he know there's someone can help. Since I need to get a guarantor for me to get the 3 instalments for my new accommodation. I gave him a due date. He saw and only replied to my message the day after the due date. The most annoying part is that he said he can't find it. SAY WHAAAAT?! So why not you told me at before it? The due date I gave him is like 1 week. Gosh. The so-called "Welfare Director". My dad now has to pay the whole accommodation fees without any instalment. I just feel so guilty. I have no one to help in Liverpool, I thought the "Welfare Director" will able to help me. The fact is NO. Sometimes you just better to rely on yourself.

I told him the reason I want to be in this position is to help people like me who came to Liverpool and felt helpless and I just thinking back how helpless I felt when I came to Liverpool. I thought A would help me too.. Then my tears fall without realising. The committee shocked. I was shocked too! Everything happened after that was so blur to me.


After I receiveing the email that staying I didn't get the position, I didn't really feel unhappy. I just feel like screw these kind of people. Too much shit things happened on me. You just don't have to give a damn to them.


Jane: Queeny, since when you become so sassy?


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