Friday, September 25, 2015

Second Day in Liverpool, UK

Yea yea. It's the second day I reached Liverpool. I just feel so helpless and lost since there is no other friends my college joining me. I can't my the WiFi signal in my room. When I got in to one of my friend's room in another hall. I connected his room WiFi. Martyn replied on my Whatsapp about how to activate a UK Sim-card. In case I can't understand it, he called me. I feel like crying after listening to his voice. My Malaysia's friends. I miss them. All of them, out of sudden! I keep telling myself I've to control myself. When I went back to my room, I just broke down and tears falling down..

After I calmed myself, I activated my Sim-card and on the data, I saw Zac finding me and we planned to meet each other in the campus. He helped me a lot. On the way to the Law School, we met Eugene. Yea. They talked to me. I feel so grateful to meet them.

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