Sunday, August 17, 2014

Color Run Malaysia 2014

I was planned to wake up at 4.00a.m. Who knows I turned off the alarm and slept until 5.00a.m! Almost late to color run! My first color run! Jia Shen called me and told me that he's at outside of my hostel. I quickly had a wash of myself and ran into Jia Shen's car with my color race pack! He didn't really scold me though I overslept. (Thank you, Jia Shen for your consideration!) then Jia Shen went to fetch Yie Wen from Nu Sentral. We went to Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur together.
After parked the car, we went to the Padang Merbok together to wait for other friends. On the way, I can see a lot of people dressed up the color run outfit! Making me more excited! 
Through some phone calls and searching, finally we met the college friends at the starting point. Before starting the color run, the emcees randomly throwing away some goodies of color run to us! The lucky one can got it if they grabbed it. Then the party started to play loud, emcees poured some color powder on us when we started to run from the starting point. We were running and selfies on the way of the run because we can't miss any moment we got different color on our faces and bodies! 
I even met the friend who went to Youth Exchange Programme in Sydeney, Australia with me! Yea, almost 8 months we didn't meet each other and we couldn't believe we can meet each other in the color run! We screeaaaammmed like nobody cares! *that high pitch screaming* 
The best part of course was the countdown for the start of party! After the countdown, everyone just threw the color powder to the sky! Epic! Indeed EPIIIIIICCC.
Too much fun in participating in the color run! 
Color Run in my bucket list: CHECKED! /

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